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Meet CEP Ottawa's Executive Team

We're looking for new CEP Executive Team members!
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Lucas Fraser HS.jpg

Lucas Fraser


Lucas has a background in sustainability and business. He is passionate about bringing people together to connect and have conversations about finding solutions to our most pressing challenges.


Michelle Cong

VP Business Development

Michelle has a master’s degree in green design. She has eight years of experience in sustainability, working with businesses, governments, non-profit organizations, and higher education institutions. Michelle’s goal is helping organizations and communities develop sustainability innovatively and inclusively.


Amanda Steski

VP Finance

Amanda is a Consultant (Sustainability Lead) for one of Canada’s most respected public-private partnership firms P1 Consulting / P3 Advisors. Outside of work, you can find Amanda at a concert, caring for her plants, breaking a sweat or spending quality time with family and friends over a craft beer.


Kevin Whalen

VP Marketing

Kevin has been working in the environmental industry since finishing college in 2017. He now operates his own marketing agency called Enviromarketing which offers digital marketing services to environmental businesses and enterprises. Kevin enjoys gardening and photography during his free time. 


Pallavi Roy

VP Events

Pallavi is a Policy Advisor, Clean Technology and Clean Growth Branch at Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada.


David Bailie

VP Mentorship

Dave really likes waste and is currently helping businesses figure out how to reduce waste and why they have it in the first place. Mentorship has played a huge role in Dave's life and he's jazzed to be starting up a program here in Ottawa.

Stephen - CEP Exec.jpg

Stephen Malesevich


Stephen has had a varied career with positions in the private and public sectors, working in the fields of corporate social responsibility, energy technology programs, and human resources.  His passion for the environment has led him to volunteer for initiatives at work and cultivate his green thumb at home.


Sushant Chopra

Director of Events

Sushant is a highly self motivated Program Management & Sustainability Professional with a demonstrated history of working in the upcoming field of Renewable Energy & Smart Grids. Sushant brings with him a promising educational background and sound analytical skills which would be instrumental in forwarding various businesses and ventures.

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