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Stephen Malesevich

Stephen has a background in sustainability and holds an MA in Sustainable Energy Policy (Carleton University) and a Bachelors in Environmental Studies (University of Waterloo).  This has led him to have a varied career with positions in the private and public sector, and in the fields of corporate social responsibility, energy technology development, and HR.  Regardless of the job, Stephen’s passion for the environment finds himself trying to incorporate sustainability into his role, whether it is introducing green practices into the workplace, or volunteering for projects on topics such as advancing geothermal energy in Canada.  Stephen enjoys cooking, cycling, and developing his green thumb.

Melina is a Research Engineer with Natural Resources Canada focused on quantifying emissions from the oil and gas industry.  However she is interested in all thing sustainable, environmental, and eco.  In her free time, Melina likes to be outdoors, hiking and camping, but also like to read and knit inside with a cup of tea.

Melina Jefferson
Events Director
Farr Fatemi

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